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Asteroid B-612
I'll reccomend Little Prince to anyone :,), great book man, great book.

And of course i'll mash my favorite book with a childhood anime that wont leave my brain alone.

Gabrille Aplin - Salvation  


I experimented a lot with this one. i still have a lot to learn about photoshop.

What saves this from looking worse than it is, it's the fact that it's a surrealist enviroment huhuhu. this is the first time i made an actual finished background

I KNOW! it looks cheesy like a stinking stock wallpaper. :,) i did my best, i love the idea though, one day i'll make a remake it probably when i have better capabilities to do it justice LOL

P.S. Almost forgot : I used the planet texture from here… LOL.
I almost finished the drawing. then my computer crashed, the file corrupted! What a middle finger of a day!
I just watched the 500th episode of Naruto. DAMN! you know that you're old when you're childhood anime character just got married.
The Beard
Compilation of sillies surrounding Kakashi's beard and Anko being an asshole since the beginning of their on and off relationship.

Why is beard Kakashi not a thing #beardkakashishouldbeathing #hasabeardfetish

Anko's an Ambasssador to The Land of Water (Totally uses this as an excuse why she doesnt appear in the anime lol). It's either that or some kind of Interpol 

 TL : DR

Back then, i thought behind his mask is an awfully scattered beard growth. I'm gonna color this when the condition is right (When i'm not haunted by academic life)

Old Anko looks like one of my lecturers, Oh my god.
Drafty Draft : Parents
Lol, yea i made some OC's to be the parents of my ship. (Except Sakumo Of course). It's still the first idea to pop up i'll modify it to look more ingrained to the naruto-verse after i'm done with my mid-term (I NEED TO PUKE OUT MY SHIP TO DE-STRESS). damn time just flies by.

first off, Nameless :  Her clan has a common ancestry from the Inuzuka, the Inuzuka's ancestor are the clansmen who migrated to a much more civilized village, where her ancestors are the clansmen who stayed with their old tribe on the far north near the Land of Iron borders. She lives alone in an enchanted forest, the nearby tribe hailed her as the guardian of the forest, their children called her the white wolf.

(Yeah, her design is totally a rip off from princess mononoke LOL (but so is the entire inuzuka clan, I mean look at their face marking and dog riding), an also a combination of the game Okami, she's basically a human form of Ammy that i have in my head.)

Second, The Sakumo Hatake in his travelling gear.

Third, his birth name is Goma Mitarashi (totally looked at wiki for anything related with Dango for his name), on his youth he uses many names, but at the time he met Anko's mom, it was Kyo. Former pirate turned confectioner. his parrot named Kinpi is pretty much his only friend at the time. He trained his parrot to dish out his shitty pick up lines for him, much to everyone's chagrin.

Fourth, Tsukuyo Yamauta, She's a fellow scientist to Orochimaru (Hence adding the reason why Orochimaru wanted to take the little brat Anko), i wanted to make her a fellow clansmen but i'm still not sure, but she's definitely a childhood friend of him. She still calls him by his childhood name "Yashagoro" (See the folktale Jiraiya).

so that's the tiny introduction, There's still a lot to tell about these four and their tragic future but yeah ;v;, when i'm finally free. Out of the four, Nameless is definitely going to have the biggest make-over
I'll post drawings once per two weeks maximum ;v;, maybe when i'm on vacation

This is what i plan to put here for the time being

JeanxSasha SNK (well, kinda. Yay anyway!)
Finish JeanxSasha, and more importantly fix the horrendous render and some shapes
Remake "Young Kakaanko"
Anbu-Chunin Kakaanko
Academy years Kakaanko
My Friend's OC Dragon age Inquisition
Barnaby x Karina Tiger and Bunny
Anko and her Intel colleagues  
Kakashi and Anko Playing Shogi 
Kakaanko Training Sasuke
Anko trolling Naruto
Geralt-Yennefer-Ciri Picnic

Kakaanko pakkun
The sannin + students 
Tinkerbell fanart (I still couldnt get over why they cancel such a cute show ;v;, instead of fixing it)


Just someone who really likes Kakaanko


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I'll be posting drawings once every 2 weeks, maximum ;v;. College assignments + procastination (MAINLY Procastination) is a birch. *self-discipline*

*insert picture of might guy here*
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