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I just watched Boruto (running away from assignments). Looking at Boruto, it's like Kishi is trying to tease us with Narusaku, I'm a Naruhina fan, but GODDAMNIT the kid has the combination of Sakura and Naruto's color palette, That's genetic for anime ok. Sarada is freaking Sasukarin. Mitsuki is Kakaanko (I'm biased, but LOOK AT THE KID. it's not a far reaching statement).  + Boruto Anime is not really as bad as i expected, but maybe it's Naruto's fourth war arc+ the last movie kind of set my bar so low to a purgatory degree…
Practice doodle 2
gesturessss +While making Naruto characters to cosplay LOL

Anko supposed to dress up like Motoko Kusanagi, since i have a creeping suspicion that Kishimoto was inspired by Ghost in the shell when he created Anko and the other special jonins. (at least ibiki), Anko and Ibiki were like Motoko and Batou.

Jaster!Naruto totally gave me an idea for an AU. I'm a slut to cyberpunks ideas okay. Oh God, i havent even finished drawing Kakaanko Headcanons in the Naruto Universe, now an AU just pop up into my head like damn. Plot bunnies fornicating everywhere.

Huhu, i hope i'll get more free time for to make some finished fanarts
Practice doodle
This is more like a line art practice than a concept art, i dress up my fav characters as i please to give myself motivation ;v; + i need some practice for cloth

As you well now, my lines has always looked wobbly+sketchy if you notices I JUST DONT GET HOW THOSE ARTISTS COULD MAKE IT SO CLEAN.  
urgh, April just left me to die. I'm currently bracing myself for May. ahuhuhu. i doubt i could post any fanarts until late may or probably june. Gotta put together my portofolio for a job/apprenticeship when i graduate (I SO DONT WANT TO ADULT YET, HELP.)

So for the time being, i'm just gonna post some of my decent looking practice doodles. so this account wont look too empty
Next-Gen Sannin
An excerpt from the boruto novel :

“Behind Shikamaru who was giving the opening speech, there sat the Sixth Hokage Hatake Kakashi, and legendary ninja such as Might Guy and Mitarashi Anko, revealing just how special this Chuunin Exam was. They were all Living Legends who the people claimed could take on whole nations as opponents.”

I've seen people in tumblr reblogging this from a user named Teacher-monica.

Even though i still think anything about naruto that's not written by kishi is NOT CANON. So boruto is essentially a highly budgeted DOUJIN, written by a paid FAN. Bye.

BUT I MADE THIS AN EXCEPTION. THIS IS CANON TO ME. even though ,i cant find any other source than tumblr ;v; Knowing that Studio Pierrot would never pin this as their canon. I'll just gonna put this drawing here, giving a tiny brick to solidify this canon in the fandom

God, i could only imagine how bad ass Kakashi's administration is, his administration is essentially the foundation of Naruto era's peace.
Gai being his right hand mand, and Anko being the left (is left-hand a thing? maybe for spy-rings or some-sort like in Dragon Age Inquisition's Leliana).

I made Gai stand here with a cane (I want him to have a mix of Master Roshi X Bruce lee look). He could at least use some mecha-limbs like Naruto in some point.

Why did Tsunade only give that useful thing to Naruto, what about Sasuke and Gai? i get it that naruto is jesus in her universe... but oh well. It's futile to question the plotholes of Naruto. it's easier to fill in :

So, my interpretation is the mecha limbs requires a stupidly-over powered chakra that only naruto could use casually.
Gai could use it, but it could drain him quickly. His eye sockets would go dark everytime he use the mecha-leg, from being exhausted that's why he keeps wearing his hip-sunglasses. (an excuse because i wanted Gai to wear one like Bruce lee) He kept wearing it during Kakashi's reign, he was a public figure then. Posturing is everything. plus, he thought he should at least get used to the leg, hoping a newer version that wouldnt take too much chakra would be developed (which it never will). But he treats the mecha-legs handy-cap like "training weight" for his chakra (it could work that way?)
I'll post drawings once per two weeks maximum ;v;, maybe when i'm on vacation

This is what i plan to put here for the time being

JeanxSasha SNK (well, kinda. Yay anyway!)
Finish JeanxSasha, and more importantly fix the horrendous render and some shapes
Remake "Young Kakaanko"
Anbu-Chunin Kakaanko
Academy years Kakaanko
My Friend's OC Dragon age Inquisition
Barnaby x Karina Tiger and Bunny
Anko and her Intel colleagues  
Kakashi and Anko Playing Shogi 
Kakaanko Training Sasuke
Anko trolling Naruto
Geralt-Yennefer-Ciri Picnic

Kakaanko pakkun
The sannin + students 
Tinkerbell fanart (I still couldnt get over why they cancel such a cute show ;v;, instead of fixing it)


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Just someone who really likes Kakaanko.… (the last 10 seconds)


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