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Kakaanko Fanfic Recommendation
For all of the ones i've read, these two is the top of the list so far. PLEASE SHOWER THEM WITH KUDOS!!!

Eyesight to the Blind by meatballsintheimpala -…

This fanfic is definitely the foundation of my interpretation of Anko. She's mischievous, funny, a total troll and her banter with Kakashi couldn't stop making me smile. She has the air of mystery to boot. The first few chapter is focused on Kakashi and his depression. the writer has a knack in getting into Kakashi's cool and sarcastic mind. Totally a worth read. This fanfiction is the one that reel me back into the ship. it's literary that good in my eyes. It's still being updated. update's kind of slow, it's constipating but i'm used to it by now :,), i'm just happy the writer is still updating this wonderful work.

A Bad time for Poor Judgement - Whistler1234 -…

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOLY SHIT SCORCHING HOT. this writer's words is dripping with sensuality without even getting into the explicit scenes.. How do i put how provoking the she-devil Anko has become in this fanfic? YOu could almost feel her mischievous glare and smirk coming out from her dialogue without the writer describing her expression. And Kakashi's thirst in the last updated chapter is fucking damn real, i'm not even a guy, but i could actually feel the scene like it's unfolding in front of my eyes. However, this is quite a challenge to read, the writer really really doesnt waste their time in explaining to you what happened, so many things is "fill in the blanks", which made everything feel more titillating. Many times i have to figure out who said what if i lost my focus for a second, but the writer solified Kakashi's and Anko's tone strongly so i could already guess by the end of the sentence who just said it. The writer words totally could pull my senses into feeling the painful fight scenes and blue-balling lust the character are suffering. It's so good and it's updated fast. I HOPE IT'LL GET FINISHED OR I'LL DIE FROM THE UNRESOLVED ST. *please excuse me, because i was just finished reading this one minutes ago*


The picture is "When your bae finally comes home from weeks of mission, you're desperate to get laid, but bae used it againts you."

I've been rumagging the internet for Kakaanko fanfictions, and i have concluded that has too many unfinished fanfics that just want to make me cry. So, i'll be avoiding that site. Now, i only open the Kakaanko Fanfics was only 28, not all of them was about kakaanko, but the percentage of quality and FINISHED stories beats the watered-down statistics of


I'll be back making tryhard fanarts proabably in july. My family is going to china, dad wanted some cheap tech i guess HAHAHHA *I'm allowed to say that because i have a chinese lineage, i cant be racist.*

I could imagine how this two would translate to Konoha high OVA AU. I consider Naruto is 12 in 1999, the same year the manga is published.. So These two would be in highschool age in the late 80’s or early 90’s.

Kakashi was a 18 year old prince of emo. He only goes out to the graveyard, supermarket, and school, occasionally the bookstore. every single abandoned dog in the streets would be taken in by him. He’s living with Pakkun and the boys. He subscribes to a Josei and Ecchi Monthly magazine, can’t live without manga tiddies. He still have nightmares of the day when the car he drove in gotten into an accident costing the lives of Obito and Rin who were with him at the time. He used to be a bright and a respected member of the discipline committee in the student council, since then he becomes a borderly shut-in. the school’s Principal Hiruzen was rather dismayed to what happened to the former star-student of his school, especially when Kakashi would sometimes grasping for clues through internet conspiracies and the national library to make sense of Minato’s and Kushina’s mysterious death that somehow linked into the “Kyuubi-Corp bubble burst.” Because what else he could hold on to in his aimless life.

Anko was a 15 year old school delinquent. She lives with her crossdresser guardian, Orochimaru and her step-bro Kabuto, who she has a rivalry in getting game-bot’s snake high score. They also have a pet snake, Manda. She often wasted her time with the dorks of the computer club, Ibiki and the gang, who misused the clubroom to play board games and cards. She often gets in trouble with the teachers due to her tendency to modify her uniform or socking another student face.. usually because they joke about Orochimaru. Orochimaru used to be a brilliant scholar in the biology field, but back then he usually takes out his stress and gender dysphoria towards young Anko in a violent manner. However, after transitioning and embracing his “true self” Orochimaru becomes a more supportive and loving guardian, however it leaves Anko with a misplaced anger and spitefulness. Not only that, Kabuto is showing signs to follow in Orochimaru’s unique lifestyle, she’s worried of the harsh treatment he could face in their society + the shitty journalist that couldn’t wait to use Orochimaru’s story for their agendas. But of course there’s nothing she could do.

The two would probably interact when they are called into the principal's office. Kakashi due to his absence and late record, while Anko because of her insubordination with Tsume, the gym-teacher back then, accidentally mentioning her two time divorce.

Kakashi's a guy struggling with purposelessness, while Anko's just a girl who wants to get away from it all. I think it could make a decent coming of age story :,). But if I’m the one who’s writing it, it could be reduced into an incoherent, unfocused, full-of-conspiracy-theories story… UGHHHHHH. i have to try :,(


I’ll refine and color this eventually. This is supposed to be a color practice, but I’m currently not in the mood for colors and I haven’t posted anything for a while ;v;. It’s because I’m feeling kind of down but most of my ideas requires spongebob level positivity.

I still have a problem with proportion. I think I might draw hips too big, hands is a struggle, there’s probably more that I havent notice, I’ll look at this again after a few days so I could get a better perspective.


In case you’re wondering who the guy on the far right is, it’s Mizuki. Remember him? He’s the first villain that we should be really thankful to. Because without him, Naruto would never attain that 1000 clone jutsu since it’s forbidden… for some reason. Give the guy some credit hey

I expanded his relationship and Iruka more. I totally 90% retcon what the fanfiction pierrot has made of him, i hate that studio, every fanfiction they come up with sucks. I’ll still follow the manga of course, he’ll still be traitorous dickhead. But this time he has a brotherly history with Iruka, he wasn’t always the asshole we all know.

Because I want Iruka to have someone close to him other than Naruto/main cast. The nice guy should have a life of his own. I plan to ship Iruka with Ayame, because why not, he’s not bad looking and nice with children, you’d think Ayame would fall for him eventually. He deserved to reproduce for fucks sake, he deserves a good woman not a dysfunctional lot like Kakashi (Kakashi deserved another dysfunctional person which is Anko. *of course I’ll shoehorn kakaanko whenever I can)

I have written about the other three too, but it’s too long to put here. I’ll put it on the journals eventually, coupled with little illustrations

I'm thinking of creating another social media account. Which one do you guys think is the better place to propagandize a ship? Twitter or Tumblr? 
I think Kurenai smokes too.


I never thought i could get so many faves for a preview image (Above ten is Many for me okay?), so i here's the link in case you prefer it for some reason :

Here's the full body version
UPDATE : the first time i posted this, I MESSED UP ALL THE LINKS GOD-DANG-NAMMIT. shame on me.

Well, i'm going to change some of Shizune's playlist anyway.

So i'm finally free from the last semester from the time being. But it's the kind of freedom you get to finally splat onto cold hard ground after shitting your pants zooming to kiss cruel gravity. ..There's going to be another semester of this nihilistic hell.

But i digress

I'll be posting fanarts soon! I've got shit-tons of ideas, i dont know where to start. Not to mention my drawing skills that's been rusty from not drawing for quite a while. I wanted to protray these ideas as best as i could. So i probably just post some background-less character drawings, for the sake of getting the hang of drawing and posting again. i'll slip in some headcanons here and there.

Since it's all coming from my memory, it'll be a mix of indonesian, english, and japanese mainly.

 I'm just trying to get the sense of the characters + this is a good motivation for me to explore some music hahahah.

Kakashi Hatake :

Teen "Emo, I'm worse than trash" Kakashi : [link]

Young Adult "Just got kicked from Anbu onto a Quarter-life crisis" Kakashi :

Pre- Shippuden "Shit happens. carry on with team work." Kakashi :

Anko Mitarashi :

Teen "Fuck Society" Anko : [link]

Young Adult "Fuck the Government" Anko : 

Pre- Shippuden "We live in a crazy-world, a tiny dose of pyschosis is healthy." Anko :

Kurenai Yuuhi :

Teen "Carrying the family burden after dad's gone" Kurenai : 

Young Adult "Doesnt want to care, but cares too much about too many" Kurenai :

Pre-Shippuden "Mentoring Elite clan's kids, No pressure!" Kurenai :

Maito Gai :

Teen "If I smile big enough, i'll trick myself to happiness" Gai :

Young Adult "Challlenge everyone!" Gai :

Pre-Shippuden "Burn the youth with passion!" Gai :

Asuma Sarutobi :

Teen "War triggers Existensial crisis, What good is a ninja" Asuma :
[link] (i cant find a good audio from u2 for this song)

Young Adult "Ditch ninja life and become a monk" Asuma :

Pre-Shippuden "When life gives you know" Asuma :

Shizune Kato :

Teen "God help me prove myself and make them proud." Shizune: [link]

Young Adult "Travelling Medic" Shizune :

Pre-Shippuden "Tomorrow will be a better day. Well, I hope. *sighs*" Shizune : [link] 

Yamato Tenzo :

Teen "Wow, so this is life" Yamato : 
Young Adult "Wow, architectures." Yamato :

Pre-Shippuden "Between ANBU, trees, and chilling." Yamato : 

Aoba Yamashiro :

Teen "I dont hate those foreign scums, i simply acknowledge them as the cancer of the heaven and earth" Aoba : [link]
Young Adult "This village needs more lesbians" Aoba : [link] (i'm still not sure)
Pre-Shippuden "Writer of thousands of lesbian friend-fics." Aoba : [link]

It's still could change from time to time, of course. Feel free to recommend a song.

Genma, Ibiki, Aoba, and the others would be coming up.

the lesser screentime those character have, the more obscure the song i choose incidentally.

When it comes to music i couldn't really tell what's art and what's fart. i danced to what i danced to. 


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Some 22 year old
Just someone who really likes Kakaanko.… (the last 10 seconds)

i think My profile picture says enough


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